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interview with Hakudo Kobayashi

26 Dec 2009

VCT had another interview with Hakudo Kobayashi, video artist of first generation in Japan.

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Michael Goldberg introduced SONY to J-videoartist in 1972

26 Dec 2009

VCTokyo had an interview with Michael Goldberg, canadian videoartist who visited Japan in 1972, made efforts for videoart scene in Japan as new art expression with media communication tool. recently Goldberg finished his documetary video aboutDaisetsu Suzuki, a ZEN master

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FEAVS;Far East Audio Visual Socialization
will be held in Osaka!

related event info (artist Soon Nan Hang, Shuhei Nishiyama and  Masayuki Kawai)

What's Far East Audio Visual Socialization
Far East Audio Visual Socialization (hereafter, FEAVS) is a conceptual group, established for FEAVS 2009.
The main activities are organizing of FEAVS 2009 Audio Visual Festival, the planning, curating, PR and running the FEAVS.

The purpose of FEAVS is to hold the event or the festival of Audio Visual works once every two years, to introduce works by Audio Visual artists. Artists using various methods of production from different regions and representing diverse points of views will be involved in FEAVS 2009. FEAVS presents to consider social system through the various art scenes as well.

date: Dec. 6th(sun.)-19th(sat.) 2009
venue: Getsumin Gallery in Chuo-ku, Osaka

Undefined Boundary Project in Yokohama, 2010



interview with Kohei Ando

VCT focuses on pioneers of Japanese videoartists, and this time we had interview with Mr. Kohei Ando who treated "Mother"(1969) was made with feedback video shot by 16mm film with using TV station equipments.

cooperation: Dept. promotion of cultural events:Waseda University

Exhibition at ZAIM, Yokohama

VCT's videoart network project"Undefined Boudary" will be exhibited at the gallery space in Yokohama Creative Zone ZAIM.  This time, the project newly includes Kenta Kishi's piece to 3 other cities as Mexicocity, Rio deja neiro and Tokyo.

15 -25 Oct 2009 at Yokohama Creative Zone ZAIM,、ZAIM Gallery
Kentaro Taki from VCT will join following exhibition with Kenta Kishi(architect)/Chikara Matsumoto(animation), on theme"emptiness/fullness" as group exhibiiton.
14th Oct 2009/ opening reception 18:00-

Japan Malaysia Videoart Exchange

(related event)
Japan Malaysia Videoart Exchange

Naoya Ooe, Sung Nam Han, Shuhei Nishiyama from VCT
will join the event, "Japan Malaysia Videoart Exchange"held by SVP2.
SVP2 site is here.

at Roppongi Stripe's Space

Screening event of three artists is in
3rd Oct. 2009 14:30-15:30(program C)


Kentaro Taki in
Tokorozawa Biennial of Contemporary Art SIDING RAILLOAD

Kentaro Taki's video installation will be shown in
the 1st Tokorozawa Biennial of Contemporary Art

28 Aug(fri.)-23 Sep.(wed) 2009
get off at Tokorozawa sta. (seibu ikebukuro line, shinjyuku line)
west exit, takes 2min by walk
Access Map
entrance free
ask: 080-3537-3021

web site:

Castrated media Naoya Ooe Solo show

Castrated Media / Naoya Ooe  Solo exhibition

31 Aug. mon.- 6 Sep. sun. 2009
14:00-19:00 (5th Sep. until 18:00)
entrance free

5 Sep. sat 18:00- reception party and video performance
Curated by Rie Saito


Hors Piste Japon at L'Institute Tokyo

14 June 2009 at L'Institute Tokyo

According to moving image festival in Centre Pompidou,"Hors Piste",
Japanese experimentarl film and video screening and talk symposium will be held at L'Institute Tokyo in iidabashi. Event called as "Hors Piste Japon" includes 14 japanese artists pieces and symposium "Looking at Media/ Media on Looking". And "Visual Philosophy" modurated by Masayuki Kawai.

Many of VCTokyo's artists Shuhei Nishiyama, Kentaro Taki, Katsuyuki Hattori, M.Kawai and Taka iimura will take partin this event. Don't miss it!

web info(Japanese only)

interview with Nobuhiro Kawanaka

25 Mar.2009
VCTokyo had an interview with Nobuhiro Kawanaka who founded Underground Center , Cinematheque and Image forum. He leaded independent film/video creation since 1970

"Aviso Especial"
Videoart exhibition in Mexicocity



Centro Multimedia in Mexicocity, Mexico invited VCT video program and Kentaro Taki's solo video installation,"Living in the Box -cube-". Kentaro had a lecture on japanese videoart history and also workshop with local artists, and live performance with local musician and dancer.

Kentaro Taki / Tetsu Kondo,
arte contemporaneo y nuevos medios de Japon 1-6 Mar. 2009 at Centro Multimedia
photo documentation
workshop documentation

video documentations


Move on Asia 2009
at Art Space Loop in Seoul, Korea

moa2009.jpgMove on Asia 2009

Date: 2009. 2. 6. Fri - 3.11. Wed
Opening: 2009. 2. 6. Fri 18:00
Venue: Alternative Space LOOP
Title: The End of Video Art
Organizer: Soongsil University,Alternative Space LOOP


video documentation of UBP in Yokohama!

"Undefined Boundary" video installation at Creative Zone Zaim, Yokohama Oct. 2008.

"White Calligraphy" Film performance
by Taka iimura in Toronto

image006.jpg Taka iimura performes at the 8 fest in toronto, Canada.

January 31, 2009
at . The 8 Fest , Toronto, Canada
Film performance, "White Calligraphy"

" The actions with a 8mm projector were extended later to include carrying with hands the projector in the theater and projecting on wall, floor, ceiling, and to the audience. This version was most often performed with a film:  White Calligraphy, which scratched Japanese characters on every frame of black (unexposed) film.  The latest version has voice over uttering the character at freeze frame randomly while projecting as I performed at Lux, London, and Collective Jeune Cinema, Paris, both in 2003." (T.I.)



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