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Exhibition at ZAIM, Yokohama

VCT's videoart network project"Undefined Boudary" will be exhibited at the gallery space in Yokohama Creative Zone ZAIM.  This time, the project newly includes Kenta Kishi's piece to 3 other cities as Mexicocity, Rio deja neiro and Tokyo.

15 -25 Oct 2009 at Yokohama Creative Zone ZAIM,、ZAIM Gallery
Kentaro Taki from VCT will join following exhibition with Kenta Kishi(architect)/Chikara Matsumoto(animation), on theme"emptiness/fullness" as group exhibiiton.
14th Oct 2009/ opening reception 18:00-
Undefined Boundary 2009 at ZAIM Gallery

participating artists:
Carlo Sansolo(Rio deja Niro), Miho Hagino(Mexico city), VCT(Tokyo), Kenta Kishi(Yokohama)

video documentation of 2008's project

how to join it? how to do?