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DVD release in 2018

[information: new DVD release ]
VCT will release another DVD of foreign artist from the level REF., coming March 2018.

"Kikaidemirukoto" on Blu-ray


-the Pioneers of Japanese Videoarts-

VCT/VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo presents a documentary
video with oral history and video pieces of early video
artists in Japan. Now it's released on Blu-ray!

Appearing Artist:Shuya ABE, Kohei ANDO, Michael GOLDBERG, Sakumi HAGIWARA, Mako IDEMITSTU, Takahiko IIMURA, Nobuhiro KAWANAKA, Hakudo KOBAYASHI, Shigeko KUBOTA, Toshio MATSUMOTO,
Keigo YAMAMOTO, Morihiro WADA

Director: Kentaro TAKI
Presented by VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo

82min Bonus interviews 70 min, region code free/all
Subtitle language:
Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English, German, French
price 3990yen,  Publisher: REF, Distributor: Gendaikikakushitsu, Product code ISBN978-4-7738-8034-2

You can order this here, or try to visit AMAZON


*contains 30 artists,researchers and related people
*more than 38 digests of video art pieces
*additonal interview, 75min!
*artist map in English on the lieflet


Film Independents 1964:DVD released!

Film Independents 1964, DVD released!
(VCT co-worked with Taka iimura on this DVD.)

It's an origin of Japanese avant-garde cinema!

This is very first the earliest Japanese pop art film collection since Bruce Conner's "A MOVIE"(1958)!

After the discontinuance of "Yomiuri Independent" art exhibition, held by a
newspaper publisher in 1963, Takahiko iimura, Koichiro Ishizaki, Nobuhiko Ohbayashi, Yoichi Takabayashi, Kenji Kanesaka, Jyu-shin Sato and Donard Richie w started an independent film festival to show how non-commercial and non-feature film were  different from the commercial movies.

With only rule, 1 film reel =
 2 min long, it was an open call exhibition not only for film makers but all other kinds of artist, such as Genpei Akasegawa, Sho Kazakura,Yasunao Tone, Sakio Hirata.
Selection of 16 film works was dug out from hidden avant-garde film collection after 50 years! These amazing short film pieces confront the edge of amazing art works of ages.

This DVD also includes Takahiko iimura’s interview, audio-commentary, talk session with Ohbayashi. In addition to “Film Independents Manifest” and published references.
The roots of Japanese Underground Culture in 1960’s is here. Please join us and enjoy this film!

Genpei Akasegawa : HOMOLOGY /  Hiroshi Sakurabayashi : JIKEN (An Incident) /  Yasunao Tone : 2,880K=120"  /  Yoshiyuki Oka: SOUGON (An Important Statement) /  Takahiko iimura : URA TO OMOTE (Inside & Outside) /  Sho Kazakura : MUDAI (Untitled) /  Ryu Koike : TORUMARUKIYO NO KYO-EN (Banquet of Torumarukiyo) /  Toshiaki Suzuki : NAGARERU (Flow) /  Takahiko iimura : MY DOCUMENTARY /  Hideko Nagaoka : SEI-UCHU (Sexual Space) / Ryu Koike : RINNE (Samsara) /  Sakio Hirata : KATORAN -4GYOSHI- NO KENKYU (A Study of Katoran - 4 Lines Poem) /   Nobuhiko Ohbayashi : COMPLEXE -trailer- /  Katsuhiro Tomita : Untitled /  Donald Richie: JINSEI(Life)/  Mary Evans : GOMI (Garbage)

published by Takahiko iimura Film and Video Laboratory + REF
price: 3990yen(tax incl.) distributed by : Gandaikikakushitsu

order from here, please visit Lowave(EU distribution), or visit AMAZON

JAPANESE VIDEO ART 2011 The Mode of Visual Philosophy vol. 01

Hors Pistes Tokyo 2011 Japan Selection
Various visual story from 9 Japanese artsits!

best Japanese video art pieces today is on DVD! Compiled from original Japanese program of video festival "Hors Pistes Tokyo 2011"(approved by Ponpidu-National Contemporary Art Museum).

"how to buy" is here,

JAPANESE VIDEO ART 2011  The Mode of Visual Philosophy vol. 01
REF lab. edition
artist: Masayuki KAWAI, Ryota HAMAZAKI, Kentaro TAKI, Keiji AIUCHI,  Hajime KWAGUCHI, Aki NAKAZAWA, Shuhei NISHIYAMA, Yusuke ISHIDA, Akiko NAKAMURA
published Jan 2011,  price 2800yen+tax  publish code: ISBN978-4-7738-8033-5 C0874


2 Avant-Garde films on DVD release!

2 Avant-Garde film is released from REF compiled by VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo. Maurice Lemaitre is a main artist of Letterism, which influenced graphic, design , poetry reading, performance, paintings and experimentqal flm.


Linkage between Surrealism and Godard was here! This is the Avant-Garde film from Parsi, 1951.

"Le film est déjà commencé?" by Maurice Lemaitre
1951, France, 65min, English/Japanese subtitle (DVD/NTSC)

Master of Master, Maurice Lemaitre, his message of his spirits beyonds the Centuries!

"Kami e no michi/ La voie des dieux" by Maurice Lemaitre
2002, France, 55min, (DVD/NTSC)

Maurice Lemaitre
artist. born 1926, Paris. After activities in resistance during WWII, studied at faculty of philosophy in Sorbonne univ. He met Isidor Isou in 1950, participated to Lettrism. He created and worked on the fields of poem, roman, theater piece, painting, photo, film, dance piece, and also economics, philosophy. His original methods in film influenced various film expressions and the followers as nouvel verg or American underground films. 

issued in Jan 2012. price 2940yen(tax incl.)
"how to buy" is here. or also on AMAZON.

  ©Maurice Lemaitre

videoart compilation DVD
"L'Empire des Signifiants"

T O K Y O + V i d e o a r t = Launch Out!
VCT's the first videoart compilation is digital remastered reissued!
1. video composition #2 "Stolen Air" 5min. TAKI Kentaro
2. "media cage" 7min. TAKI Kentaro
3. Study on Media "education before education" 8min.43sec. HATTORI Katsuyuki
4. "President" 11min. KANEMAKI Kazumi
5. "a not = a or For Devatas Who Keep on Dancing" 15min.30sec. KAWAI Masayuki
(Total length is about 60 min)

1 Mar. 2008 release, total length 60min. DVD video, NTSC, English/Korean subtitle, 3990yen(tax.incl)


VCT videoart compilation DVD


videoart compilation DVD
"Vidiot in Contemplation"

For info-holic you, a specific remedy of videoart!!
VCTokyo videoart compilation DVD "Vidiot in Contemplation"
"life IMAGED" Kazumi Kanemaki
"Living in the Box" Kentaro Taki+Naoya Ooe
"AI" Sung Nam HAN
"SHOT" Shuhei Nishiyama
"Pathologic Video Practices"Naoya Ooe
"The Lost in the Backyard of Surface" Naoya Ooe

"Abarekoinobori"GOLDENSHIT[Katsuyuki HATTORI+Yusuke SHINMURA]
"Bild:Muell"Kentaro Taki

Issued 1st July 2007, price:3990yen( total 68min, DVD-video, NTSC, Stereo,
Enlgish+Korean subtitle


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