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Film Independents 1964:DVD released!

Film Independents 1964, DVD released!
(VCT co-worked with Taka iimura on this DVD.)

It's an origin of Japanese avant-garde cinema!

This is very first the earliest Japanese pop art film collection since Bruce Conner's "A MOVIE"(1958)!

After the discontinuance of "Yomiuri Independent" art exhibition, held by a
newspaper publisher in 1963, Takahiko iimura, Koichiro Ishizaki, Nobuhiko Ohbayashi, Yoichi Takabayashi, Kenji Kanesaka, Jyu-shin Sato and Donard Richie w started an independent film festival to show how non-commercial and non-feature film were  different from the commercial movies.

With only rule, 1 film reel =
 2 min long, it was an open call exhibition not only for film makers but all other kinds of artist, such as Genpei Akasegawa, Sho Kazakura,Yasunao Tone, Sakio Hirata.
Selection of 16 film works was dug out from hidden avant-garde film collection after 50 years! These amazing short film pieces confront the edge of amazing art works of ages.

This DVD also includes Takahiko iimura’s interview, audio-commentary, talk session with Ohbayashi. In addition to “Film Independents Manifest” and published references.
The roots of Japanese Underground Culture in 1960’s is here. Please join us and enjoy this film!

Genpei Akasegawa : HOMOLOGY /  Hiroshi Sakurabayashi : JIKEN (An Incident) /  Yasunao Tone : 2,880K=120"  /  Yoshiyuki Oka: SOUGON (An Important Statement) /  Takahiko iimura : URA TO OMOTE (Inside & Outside) /  Sho Kazakura : MUDAI (Untitled) /  Ryu Koike : TORUMARUKIYO NO KYO-EN (Banquet of Torumarukiyo) /  Toshiaki Suzuki : NAGARERU (Flow) /  Takahiko iimura : MY DOCUMENTARY /  Hideko Nagaoka : SEI-UCHU (Sexual Space) / Ryu Koike : RINNE (Samsara) /  Sakio Hirata : KATORAN -4GYOSHI- NO KENKYU (A Study of Katoran - 4 Lines Poem) /   Nobuhiko Ohbayashi : COMPLEXE -trailer- /  Katsuhiro Tomita : Untitled /  Donald Richie: JINSEI(Life)/  Mary Evans : GOMI (Garbage)

published by Takahiko iimura Film and Video Laboratory + REF
price: 3990yen(tax incl.) distributed by : Gandaikikakushitsu

order from here, please visit Lowave(EU distribution), or visit AMAZON