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Our mission

VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo/VCT was founded in 2001 as an association dedicated to videoart and other time based arts in Japan. The aim of VCT is to form an international alternative network for those arts and develop the situation. VCT is managed independently as a Non-Profit Organization by videoartists and the staffs who consider it's necessary to establish a critical role of the videoart of the present against the society of spectacle.

As recent activities, VCT took part in “50th Anniversary of Video Art / Les Instant Video2013” (2013, Marseiile, France), and worked on a documentary video project with oral history of early video artists in Japan, "Kikai de Mirukoto=Eye Machine/To See by Chance -the Pioneers of Japanese Videoarts-“(2012, 82min.), series of screening event; “Video Reflexive” (2014-2016) included “Ko NAKAJIMA Video Vicissitudes”(2014, UPLINK, Tokyo). VCT focused on the open air video art show in urban spaces, as “Video Art Promenade in ASAGAYA/ Wall to Wall”(2015, Tokyo), “Video Art Promenade in Kagurazaka”(2015, Tokyo). Official web site=

VCTokyo :contact

VCT Office is temporary moved. please contact us with following e-mail address.

TEL +81-80-9567-1222(dir.Taki)

web site:


VCT Staff


VCT is managed by Volunteer staff as below.

Kentaro Taki(representative)/ Katsuyuki Hattori/ Yasutaka Kobayashi / Ryoko Yoshida / Naoya Oe / Kanako Fujii
VCT Staffの続きを読む


VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo's Achievements (selected)

[Distribution of Video Art work]
Sep. 06 “Documentary and Videoart feat. VCTokyo” Yamagata in Tokyo at Athene Francais
Mar. 06 “INTERSECTION” Belfast , Ireland
Nov. 04 "Sight Eizo-ten 2004" at Ginza Somido Hall, Tokyo
Oct. 04 "Avicon 2004 VCT in Bandung" Selasar Sunaryo, Bandung, Indonesia
Sep. 04 "Seni" at Singapore Art Museum(Singapore)
Jul. 04 "D'Konschtkescht"Luxemburg
Nov. 03 "City-Video-Object" at Maison de Creteil(France)

[Videoart Library]
Visitor can watch video works from collection of videoarts, and refer information of overseas festival, catalogues, and books. (Amount of the video collection are domestic 100 works and 50 works from abroad as now)


Subsidized by

Videoart Center Tokyo is subsidized by several cultural support program as below.

[Subsidized by]
Arts Council Tokyo(2014) Tokyo Cultural Support Program
Japan Foundation
(2013) International Cultural Exchange support program
The Japan World Exposition 1970 Commemorative Fund (2011) Film and Television Program Support
JICEF/Japan International Cultural Exchange Foundation (2008) Invitation Support
ICF International Communications Foundation(2007) Social Cultural Project Support Program
Japan Arts Fund(2004, 2005) Pioneering Art Exhibition Supports
Society for The Administration of Remuneration for Audio Home RecordingSARAH(2002) Exhibition Support
Japan Foundation(2002) Invitation Support
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