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Ko NAKAJIMA "Video Vicissitudes"

A Taoist approach to electronic Visual Media!  In the psychedelic image of Ko Nakajima, there are memory, life and death, and all things wandering. They are filled with criticism towards the modern society, and that video landscape stimulate deep in your mind!

Video reflexive  series
Ko NAKAJIMA "Video Vicissitudes"
Vol.1  Generation and Vicissitude of Media 
10(fri.) Oct 2014 / start19:30-(open19:00) guest:Christophe CHARLES

Vol.2 5th Elements of Video Art 
17(fri.) Oct 2014 / start19:30-(open19:00) guest:Sen Uesaki
(screening and artist talk)

Venue: UPLINK 1F factory(shibuya, Tokyo)
fee: 1500yen, student 1000yen   (ticket reservation: here)
presented by UPLINK, VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo
subsidized by Arts Council Tokyo


Since 1960’s, Ko Nakajima has been producing works in variety of genres, such as movies, animations, and the documentaries. Video Art Center Tokyo invites an artist Ko Nakajima himself, to discuss about his works and installation through 1970’s to now, in these two special screening series.

KoNakajima-portlait.jpgKo NAKAJIMA
Born in Kumamoto City, 1941. In the 1960s, Nakajima learnt filmmaking and began making experimental animations. In 1970, he bought video camera and founded the video group Video Earth. Nakajima incorporates his unique take on video as a personal, vital and spiritual medium into his performances, documentaries and installations. Recently Nakajima had a retrospective in “Videoformes” in Clermont-ferrand, France, and has also presented large installations in New Zealand, where he also shot Rangitoto.

ko-gallery.jpgrelated event:Ko Nakajima exhibition
lithograph and photo show of Ko Nakajima
1(wed.) - 20(mon.)Oct.2014, open 10:00-22:00 (entrance free)
Vol.1 talk guest
guest-charles.jpg Christophe CHARLES
(born Marseille 1964), works with found sounds, and makes compositions using computer programs, insisting on the autonomy of each sound and the absence of hierarchical structure. Graduated from Tsukuba University (Phd., 1996) and Paris INALCO (Phd., 1997). Currently Professor at Musashino Art University (Tokyo). C.C. has released music on the German label Mille Plateaux / Ritornell ("undirected" series), and on several compilations (Mille Plateaux, Ritornell, Subrosa, Code, Cirque, Cross, X-tract, CCI, ICC, etc).  

Vol.2 talk guest
guest-uesaki.jpg Sen UESAKI
(born Kanagawa pref. 1974) Keio University Art Center staff. A researcher of art archive. Thesis" Printed Matter- view points of Robert Smission", ('Idea, Jan. 2007'), "Venue of description- Archiving and Tadao Yokoo"('Eureka"Nov. 2012), "Document- 14 nights"(Seigensha Art Publishing, 2013).

[screening program]

Vol.1 Generation and Vicissitude of Media
10 Oct. 2014(fri.)start 19:30-(open19:00)

Nakajima creations with movies, films, and animations all started in the 1960s. In 70s, with the establishment of video art group, Video Earth Tokyo, he started using a portable video camera as his media. In this period, Nakajima’s name started to show in various film festivals through out the world. In Vol.1 of this series, we put focused on works where Nakajima treated his creation as living creatures, and screen his films and videos back and forth.
vol1-1-seizoki1.JPG Seizoki(1964, 4min.)
An experimental animation piece by direct paint on film, was produced between the solo screenings at Sougetsu Hall.

vol1-2-biological1982c.JPG Biological Cycle part1&part5 (1971/1982, digest 8min.)
Nakajima captured filmed resources with video and process the imagery. This work always incorporating new technologies, and simulates the cycle of life that continues to evolve.
vol1-3-shinkansen3.JPG Shinkansen Researching Foods (1975, 10min.)
Carrying in the rice cooker to the Shinkansen(express train), the group cooked rice between Tokyo and Nagoya. As the train arrives, they started to have a dinner party on the platform.

vol1-4-horizon1.JPG The Horizon (1971, 7min. 30sec.)
The symbolization of future with the female figure as it represents a god of motherland. It screened matrilineal society the horizon and shows both anxiety and hope at the time of Okinawa reversion. My Life(HD remastering and addtional footage version, original piece1976-1992, 27min.)
Original work shows Nakajima's mother's death and his daughter's birth at the same time in the 2 screens.In this latest version, he put additional footage of his grand children’s birth, and his son being hospitalized.

Vol.2 5th Elements of Video Art
17 Oct. 2014 (fri.)start 19:30-(open19:00)

In Vol 2. We put focused on Nakajima’s work with Taoist thought (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water), which are shot in various land such as Japan, France, and New Zealand.

shashintowananika-refine.jpg What is photography? (1976, 抜粋10min.)
A group turns photo camera to the naked body, and video camera intervene. As it caught up, a subject and photographer intertwined, and soon the all people in the room will be naked.

vol2-2-mtfuji2.JPG Mt. Fuji (1984, short ver. 7min.)
This work is fully based on the still images Fuji Mountain by photographer, Kozan Saito.We can face ironic aspect on today's media art, and it’s resources. While human dig the all the energy out of the earth, global warming declines Mt.Fuji’s permafrost every year.

vol2-3-dolmen2.JPG Dolmen (1987, short ver. 6min. 18sec.)
"Dolmen" is an ancient megalithic cemetery in France. This work takes place in Carnac in Brittany region. The remains of Celt of ancient Gaul as a stage; dancers inscribe the patterns on the rocks.

vol2-4-rangitoto2.JPG Rangitoto (1988, 16min. 30sec.)
Facing Auckland city of New Zealand, Rangitoto Island was born hundreds years ago by explosion of volcano under the sea. Green growing from inside the lava, and the thought of Maori, fly through in the background.

vol2-5-espritdesel.JPG Esprits de Sel (1993, 13min.20sec.)
Salt is essential for humans, but in the salt desert creatures are awaiting for their own death. Between the generosity and cruelty of the substance, there are story and memory of the water.

vol2-6-2014shishanomai.jpg Dance of the Dead (2014,15min.)
One man travels the world of yin and Yang. It was filmed after the great earthquake of Tohoku district at the stricken area.Collaborative work with a dancer, Takumi Harada.


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