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M.Kawai with R. Hamasaki "VFLP"at TWS

Masayuki Kawai with Ryota Hamasaki <Video Feedback Live Performance>

Date: December 22 (Thu.), 2011 Start 20:00
Ticket: 1,800JPY
at Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya

"No PC, no pre-recorded image, no musical instrument". An improvised performance with analogue video feedback. Flickering video signals create synchronized beat and melody. An explosion of abstract and psychedelic image and sound!!! (Equipment sponsored by BENQ Japan Co,. Ltd.)

<prof.>Masayuki Kawai, He makes radical and philosophical video works, and has shown in over 30 countries. Stayed in artist-in-residencies in NY, Paris and Israel. He also actively organizes exhibitions and various projects of video art, based on the concept of "Visual Philosophy".
Ryota Hamasaki, He explores video art to criticize and overcome the present situation of contemporary art.

Documentary of the Early Japanese Videoart

Documentary video screening about the Early Japanese Videoart
"Kikai de Mirukoto -Eye Machine/Seeing by chance-"

date: 15 Thr. Dec 2011 19:00-20:45 (open:18:30)
venue: Okuma Auditorium/Small hall, Waseda University
screening: "Kikai de Mirukoto -Eye Machine/Seeing by chance-" (HDV/2011/75min) japanese only
lecturer:Kentaro TAKI

Appearing Artist:
Kohei ANDO, Michael GOLDBERG, Sakumi HAGIWARA, Mako IDEMITSTU, Takahiko iimura, Nobuhiro KAWANAKA, Hakudo KOBAYASHI, Shigeko KUBOTA, Toshio MATSUMOTO, Ko NAKAJIMA, Katsuhiro YAMAGUCHI, Keigo YAMAMOTO, Morihiro WADA

Connected People:
Shuya ABE(engineer of Nam June Paik), Barbara LONDON, Yoshimi NARA, Tomohiro NISHIMURA, Ann ADACHI, Rebecca CLEMAN, Yoshitaka SHIMANO, Hiroaki SATO, Nariaki SASAKI, Keisuke OKI, Takashi ECHIGOYA, Yoshiharu HAMASAKI, Yoshitomo MORIOKA, Peter WEIBEL,

presented by VCT/VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo
co-presented byKawaguchi Art School of Waseda University
supported by The Japan World Exposition 1970 Commemorative Fund


Call for 1 minute video:Zushi Film Festival 2011

Zushi Film Festival 2011 calls for 1minute video based on theme "Visual Time Capsule".The applied video pieces will be compiled to one long film and be showed in Zushi Film Festival, Kanagawa pref. , Japan, 10, 11 Dec. 2011.

You can put any 1 minute video


1. Shoot 1 minute video based on theme "Visual Time Capsule"

2. No need to edit, no specific sound track, no credit on it, but just should be in 1 minute.

3. If you are Facebook user, just visit our information site, and link your video on the wall. (with any comments, it’s nice!)

If you're not Facebook user, you can put your video on Youtube and let us know it's link URL, please.

4. Please tell us your name, living place, e-mail addres to us by e-mail.

e-mail to :


what kind of 1 minute video? You can also check contributions of the other participants on our information site.


Deal line 26. Nov. 2011


Thank you for your cooperation!


Taki joins to Koganecho Bazaar2011

[related artist info]
Kentaro TAKI joins to "Koganecho Bazaar 2011" as one of venue of Yokohama Triennale.

2 Sep. - 6 Nov. 2011
public projection after dark,17:30-

1. "invitation#2"Kentaro TAKI (a.k.a.Mihari with Maiko Date, Naoya Ooe) at Kaidan hiroba
2. "Popping town" Kentaro TAKI at Hatsune wing

Taka iimura's"Film StripsII"in Music Today21

[relative artist info]
  • Cond:Norio Sato
  • S:Tomoyo Mochimatsu
    Electronics:Sumihisa Arima
    Ensmb:Ensemble Nomad
  • Yoji Kuri(Film)&Toshi Ichiyanagi(Music)
    /G string
    Toshio Matsumoto(Film)&Joji Yuasa(Music)
    Itaru Kato(Film)&Mamoru Fujieda(Music)
    /Goround/Ragiated Falling:Version II
    Shigenobu Nakamura(Film&Music)
    /Lament for Soprano, Computer generated Sound and Video
    Takahiko Iimura(Film)&Haruyuki Suzuki(Music)
    /Film Strips II - Live Music Version
    Man Ray(Film)&Misato Mochizuki(Music)
    /Le Retour à la raison/La Labyrinthe de la raison
    Tomoya Yamaguchi(Film)&Dai Fujikura(Music)
    /Fluid Calligraphy für violine und video ad lib.
  • All seats¥3,000
  • >>> Tokyo Concerts, Inc. 03-3226-9755

    information site:

M.Kawai with R.Hamazaki in "An Experiment in Morgana"

[related artist info]
Masayuki Kawai with Ryota Hamazaki will have video feedback performance in the event"AN EXPERIMENT IN MORGANA vol.44" at Morgana . About 20:50-21:20.
time 19 Aug. 2011/ open 18:30 charge 1,500yen+drink

Kokubunji Morgana
walk 7min from JR station, Kokubunnji, TEL:042-323-7467

Latest live document with 2 video artists M. Kawai and R. Hamazaki

An avant garde Art & Image Festival

HORS PISTES | TOKYO | An avant garde Art & Image Festival
Hors Pistes [Off Tracks]is an art and images Festival promoting experimentation of new forms of short and mid-length fictions, organized by the Centre Pompidou since 2006.

Another Motion of Images | Art and Images Festival
June 4th – 12th 2011

web site:

Early Japanese Videoart
"Kikai de Mirukoto" To See through the Machine

VCTokyo presents a documentary video "Kikai de Mirukoto - the pioneers of Japanese videoarts", with oral history and exact video pieces of early video artists in Japan.

We plan to show this documentary in film festival in public this year. You can get more information in this site or join to our mail news.

HDV,  65min, 2011
director: Kentaro TAKI, camera:Naoya OOE
presented by VCT/VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo

subsidied by
JEC Fund Project(2011)

KDDI Foundation (2007)


iimura's solo exhibition, N.Y.


Taka iimura's solo exhibition at MICROSCOPE Gallery, Brooklyn, N.Y.

March 19 – April 11, 2011
Opening Reception Saturday March 19 6-9PM
w/ live 16mm projection performance of the ever-changing “Circle and a Square”



Live Beam
video performance event at Super Deluxe

[related artist information]

Live Beam ! vol.1 
Video x Art x Techno x Noise x Legend

date: Jan. 16 2011(sun.) 18:00 - 22:00 (open 17:30)
fee: reserve 2000yen(w/1 drink)/ nonreserve 2500(w/1 drink)
venue:SuperDeluxe tel. 03-5412-0515)
map is here.

 Several live performances with using material of film and video get together at Super Deluxe. Includes artists of the legend, and also emerging artists! Film/Video has been already "live performance" before VJ. Enjoy it as visual music and be a witness of unknown experience of film/video!

artist: Naoya Ooe、 doSparks (Shuhei Nishiyama & Han Soon-nang), Jyunichi Okuyama, Kentaro TakiTakahiko iimuraMasayuki Kawai with Ryota Hamazaki
DJ:Masaya Nakahara、Yasunori Ikunishi

presented by: SuperDeluxe/ modified by Masayuki Kawai


VIDEO TRACKING vct chronicle 02-09:

VCT Media Design:

Undefined Boundary Project:

Carlo Sansolo exhibition:

V-LOUNGE | V-LOUNGE | Canadian Videoart Channel vol.1-3 vol.1-3:

Elodie Pong - Peripheral Area



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