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Live Beam
video performance event at Super Deluxe

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Live Beam ! vol.1 
Video x Art x Techno x Noise x Legend

date: Jan. 16 2011(sun.) 18:00 - 22:00 (open 17:30)
fee: reserve 2000yen(w/1 drink)/ nonreserve 2500(w/1 drink)
venue:SuperDeluxe tel. 03-5412-0515)
map is here.

 Several live performances with using material of film and video get together at Super Deluxe. Includes artists of the legend, and also emerging artists! Film/Video has been already "live performance" before VJ. Enjoy it as visual music and be a witness of unknown experience of film/video!

artist: Naoya Ooe、 doSparks (Shuhei Nishiyama & Han Soon-nang), Jyunichi Okuyama, Kentaro TakiTakahiko iimuraMasayuki Kawai with Ryota Hamazaki
DJ:Masaya Nakahara、Yasunori Ikunishi

presented by: SuperDeluxe/ modified by Masayuki Kawai