Kentaro Taki+Shuhei Nishiyama@UPLINK

Chopping off videos into pieces, an experiment of the two young video artists from 2000’s,Kentaro Taki and Shuhei Nishiyama’s, will be analyzed as video collage and montage.

VIDEOREFLEXIVE Vol.3  Video : Collage / Montage 

vol.1  Kentaro TAKI  Video Collage/Puzzling
7 Nov.(fri.) 2014 start 19:30(open19:00)- 21:30 
screening and talk session with Kentaro TAKI + Masahiro HIRAMOTO(musician)   

vol.2 Shuhei NISHIYAMA Video Montage/Shredding
14 Nov.(fri.) 2014 start 19:30(open19:00)- 21:30   
screening and talk session with Shuhei NISHIYAMA + Ryo SAWAYAMA(art critic )   

venue: UPLINK 1F Factory(1F totsune build. Udagawacho Shibuya, Tokyo) TEL.03-6825-5503
fee : 1500yen, student1000yen
presented by UPLINK, VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo
supported by Arts Council Tokyo


vol.1 Artist Profile
 Kentaro TAKI Born in 1973. In 1996 Completion, Master degree of fine arts of ‘Master course of Department of Imaging Arts and Sciences Musashino Art University. As dispatched artist granted by Cultural Agency of Japan(2002), POLA Art Foundation (2003) in Karlsruhe. Germany. Won "Graz BIX Media Competition" Grand Prix + Peter Cook Prize double winner(2005, Graz, Austria), Bochum Video Festival Organizer Prize(2005, Bochum, Germany).
Exhibition and screening in "Aviso Especial" installation (2009, Centro Multi Media, Mexicocity), "Nippon Connection"(2009, mousontrum, Frankfurt Germany),"Asian Art Biennial 2009 Viewpoints and Viewing Points"(2009,Taiwan National Art Museum), MJVAX:Malaysia-Japan Video Art Exhibition(2010, National Art Gallery Malaysia), "VIDEO LIFE"(2011, two men show with Ko NAKAJIMA, st.Paulst Gallery at AUT, Auckland, New Zealand)etc.

vol.2 Artist Profile
1976年、神奈川県鎌倉市生まれ。立命館大学文学部にて美術批評を専攻。アヴァンギャルドシネマ やヴィデオアートに影響され、1998年からヴィデオ、8mmフィルム、写真を用いて作品制作を開始。 シングルチャンネル、インスタレーション、パフォーマンス作品を制作。2007年から2008年までオー ストラリアに滞在し作品を制作し、シドニーにて個展を開催。2009年から東京を拠点に活動。2012 年は新宿ゴールデン街グリゼットにて個展、パリ・ポンピドゥーセンターにて上映。これまで欧米、ア ジア各国での映像フェスティバルにて作品が上映されている。

[related event]
Gallery exhibition Kentaro TAKI+Shuhei NISHIAYAMA
UPLINK1F Gallery
5 (wed.)-24 (mon.) November 2014 open10:00-22:00 entrance free


Taka iimura WS(London)+Film Performance(Amsterdam)

Observer/Observed A video workshop with Takahiko iimura
Oct.18,(Sat) Takahiko iimura Workshop with his video "Observer/Observed" at, London

Takahiko Iimura & Julian Ross: Films and Performance Oct.21(Tue) Takahiko iimura film:Ai/Love (12’, 1962), Kuzu/Junk (7’, 1962), On Eye Rape (10’, 1962), 24 Frames per Second (12’,1975) One Frame Duration (13’, 1977). Performance:White Calligraphy (10’). at Eye Film Institute, Amsterdam


[related artist info]
BEAUTIFUL MACHINE 7 @ Forestlimit Hatagaya

Sep. 21. 2014 (Sun)  open: 18:30 / start: 19:00 
artists:   Keiji Haino, Masayuki Kawai with Ryota Hamasaki,  LA BRUHA DESI LA, Kei Kobayashi VJ: Akiko Nakayama 

ticket: adv: 2700yen  door: 3200yen
access: Hatagaya KODA bldg B1 102, Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
tel: 03-6276-2886

oniric performance in Tokyo at Super Delux


[related artist info.]
oniric performance in Tokyo
venue:Super Delux  date: 2014/9/22 Monday  open: 19h30   start: 20h00
advance 2000 yen / door 2500 yen (plus one drink purchase @ 700 yen)  
Dance: Kohshou NANAMI
Sounds:  David Merlo
Videoart: Shuhei Nishiyama  

ticket booking:
 Super Delux
tel: 03-5412-0515 / addresss: 1-25 3Nishi-azabu Minatoku Tokyo 
presented by Oniric /Diffusing Digital Art  cooperation: Institut FRANCAIS、danse sauvage, VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo


Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo 2014

Interdisciplinary Art Fes Tokyo 2014_omote_ol.jpg
[related artist info]
Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo 2014

date: 3+8 Nov. 2014
fee:ticket for 1event 2500yen with 1drink / ticket for all event 4000yen with per 1drink
web site
Booking by email :

DAY1 About Interdisciplinary Art
 3 Nov.(mon) [Open] 18:30- [Start] 19:00-
DAY2 Performance part1
 8 Nov.(sat) [Open] 16:30- [Start] 17:00-
DAY2 Performance part2
 8 Nov.(sat)  [Open] 20:00- [Start] 20:30-

Interdisciplinary Art Fes Tokyo 2014_ura_ol.jpg

Ko NAKAJIMA "Video Vicissitudes"

A Taoist approach to electronic Visual Media!  In the psychedelic image of Ko Nakajima, there are memory, life and death, and all things wandering. They are filled with criticism towards the modern society, and that video landscape stimulate deep in your mind!

Video reflexive  series
Ko NAKAJIMA "Video Vicissitudes"
Vol.1  Generation and Vicissitude of Media 
10(fri.) Oct 2014 / start19:30-(open19:00) guest:Christophe CHARLES

Vol.2 5th Elements of Video Art 
17(fri.) Oct 2014 / start19:30-(open19:00) guest:Sen Uesaki
(screening and artist talk)

Venue: UPLINK 1F factory(shibuya, Tokyo)
fee: 1500yen, student 1000yen   (ticket reservation: here)
presented by UPLINK, VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo
subsidized by Arts Council Tokyo


Since 1960’s, Ko Nakajima has been producing works in variety of genres, such as movies, animations, and the documentaries. Video Art Center Tokyo invites an artist Ko Nakajima himself, to discuss about his works and installation through 1970’s to now, in these two special screening series.

KoNakajima-portlait.jpgKo NAKAJIMA
Born in Kumamoto City, 1941. In the 1960s, Nakajima learnt filmmaking and began making experimental animations. In 1970, he bought video camera and founded the video group Video Earth. Nakajima incorporates his unique take on video as a personal, vital and spiritual medium into his performances, documentaries and installations. Recently Nakajima had a retrospective in “Videoformes” in Clermont-ferrand, France, and has also presented large installations in New Zealand, where he also shot Rangitoto.

ko-gallery.jpgrelated event:Ko Nakajima exhibition
lithograph and photo show of Ko Nakajima
1(wed.) - 20(mon.)Oct.2014, open 10:00-22:00 (entrance free)

Ketaro TAKI “UPSTREAMING” video/tableau exhibition

[related artist info.]
Ketaro TAKI “UPSTREAMING” video/tableau exhibition

Kentaro Taki's solo exhibition at the bar, Grisette, Shinjyuku Goldengai. His latest video piece and tableau piece by photo collage will be on it. 

at Grisette(in Shinjyuku Goldengai)
Address  1-1-5, kabukicho, shinjyuku, Tokyo Tel  090-8175-8923
Duration  October 4, 2014 - October 18, 2014
Hours  18:00-25:00 Admission
Fee  table charge1000yen, 1drink 500yen- Closed  Sunday, Holiday

opening party 18:00- 4 Oct. closing party 18:00- 18 Oct. 2014


the series of cross over event of videoart


Video Sparks!
is a series of events about cross over genre with videoart. It's forcusing on the session and improvisation of video and other art field, as dance, music, poetry reading and theater piece, or video screening show of foreign condition of visual art.

previous event:
"Madelon Hooykaas -the Netherlands’video pioneer from the 70's till now-" June 2014
"Man and Woman" Mar. 2014
"Voice and Silence" Jan. 2014

also we're providing the other video retrospective event as "Video Reflexive" focuss on Masayuki Kawai(Dec. 2013, Jan. 2014), Ko Nakajima(Oct. 2014).

the Netherlands’video pioneer from the 70's till now

Mount Analogue.2010 .jpg [video sparks vol.4]
the Netherlands’video pioneer from the 70's till now

Retrospective video art screening and artist talk by Madelon Hooykaas. Also she will have a short live performance by using video screening and action drawing.

Date: 1 June(sun.) 2014  19:00-21:00 (screening, performance and artist talk)
Entrance fee:1500yen with 1 drink
Venue: Sakaiki (Yotsuya sanchome/ Tokyo)
how to access to Sakaiki:click

portrait.jpgMadelon Hooykaas
Dutch visual artist. In 1972 she started an intensive collaboration in the field of film with the Scottish artist Elsa Stansfield in London and Amsterdam.The installations and films of Hooykaas/Stansfield have been exhibited in e.g. Montreal, Sydney (Biennale), Chicago, Madrid, Reykjavik, Kassel (Documenta), the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Bremen, Hanover, Berlin, Sheffield, Washington D.C., Lucerne, London (Whitechapel Gallery), Toronto, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Stockholm, Dundee and Hafnarfjordur.
She visited Japan few times and recently she works on several projects based on the idea of Zen or Japanese Media.

presented by VCT/VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo, Mio NAKAI 
supported by Embassy of Kingdom of the Netherland
subsidy by Arts Council Tokyo



Takahiko iimura's Live Augmented Reality performance

iPODARPerformance2014.jpg[artist info]
Takahiko iimura Live Augmented Reality performance

introduced by Julian Ross 
date: Friday May 2, 19:00-
address: 4 Charles Place, Brooklyn, NY 11211 tel:1-347-925-1433

"VIDEOs" by 5 video artists

[artist info]
5 video artists will join "VIDEOs" at Moriyu Gallery, ArtsChiyoda 3331. 

2(fri.)-11(sun.) May 2014 12:00-19:00
[close 3(sat.)--6(tue.)]
Reception; 2(fri.) May 2014 18:00-20:00
venue: Moriyu Gallery(Tokyo, ArtsChiyoda3331)
Participating artists:Kentaro TAKI, Masayuki KAWAI, Ryota HAMAZAKIShuhei NISHIYAMA, Sung Nam HAN

Kentaro Taki's performance "Farewell CRTmonitor"


11 Nov. 2013: 20:15-20:45
at Les Instant Video/ La Friche/ Cartonnerie

Kentaro Taki performed in the closing party of Les Instant Video 2013.

With three uncovered CRT monitor, Taki made wholes by pile and hammer on the CRT monitor surface, to listen to the sound of the air from the evacuated tubes as the homage piece for history of video art displayed by CRT monitor for 50 years long.

”Ecouter la voix du moniteur”(Listen to the voice of the Monitor) by Kentaro Taki


"Kikai de mirukoto" screening at ZKM

"Kikaide mirukoto"preseted by VCT, will be screened at ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany.

13 March- 6 April 2014
at ZKM Media lounge(1 floor)
details are here.

Kikaide mirukoto official site is


Masayuki Kawai's feedback performance
at LesInstantVideo2013

"Feedback Performance" by Masayuki Kawai

10 Nov. 2013

Les Instant Video

at La Friche/ Cartonnerie


LesInstantVideo2013 documentation

lesinstannt-doc1.jpg lesinstannt-doc2.jpg Exhibition at Les Instant Video
7-30 Nov. 2013 at Tour Panolama, Le Frich, Marseille

"Bild:Muell(image:junk)#8" video installation by Kentaro TAKI

photo middle:
"Living in the Box" by
Kentaro TAKI

The Omniazimuth Video Art of Masayuki Kawai

[video reflexive vol.1]
The Omniazimuth Video Art of Masayuki Kawai

 Retrospective video art screening event of Masayuki Kawai, who is known as video performer or event organizer, however since late 1990's, he continued to make single channel video works. This screening traces his footprints.

vol.1:: 15 December 2013  open 14:50, start 15:00-
               after screening/talk event:Masayuki Kawai x Yu Kaneko
vol.2:: 26 January 2014 open 14:50, start 15:00-
               after screening/talk event:Masayuki Kawai x Natsuko Tezuka
entrance 1500yen/ students 1000yen

details/reserve UPLINK WEBsite

screening list
vol.1 15 Dec. 2013
1.”a not = a or For Devatas Who Keep On Dancing” (2000 16min.)
2. “About a Theological Situation in the Society of Spectacle” (2001 6min.)
3. “Man’yo/Tokyo” (2004 23min.)
4. “IN/OUT” (2009, 5min.) 
all pieces with English subtitles.

vol.2   26 Jan. 2014
1.”De Visione Absentis”(2004 37min.)
2.”Who are these wanderers, even more transient than we ourselves? ” (2007 40min.)
all pieces with English subtitles.


"Lo-Vi video outlaw" video exhibition

[related artist info]
"Lo-Vi video outlaw" video exhibition

Masayuki Kawai, Kentaro Taki, Katsuyuki Hattori, Shuhei Nishiyama, Ryota Hamasaki, Sung Nam HAN, Naoya Ooe, Kanako Fujii, UMMMI.

30 November - 14 December 2013, 18:00-25:00
venue: grisette (Shinjyuku Golden-gai) Mon.-Sat. 
opening party:11/30(土)18:00- closing party:12/14(土)18:00-

address: Kabukicho1-1-5, Shinjyuku, Tokyo
tel 090-8175-8923

open[Mon-Sat 18:00-25:00] close[Sun]
bar charge 1000yen, drink500yen-
opening and event:30 November(Sat.)
losing and event:14 December(Sat.)
18:00- 1000yen with1drink/ 2nd drink- 500yen(order somedrinks, pls)


Kikaide Mirukoto in Les Instant Video2013

"Kikaide mirukoto --the Pioneers of Japanese Videoart" was shown in Les Instant Video 2013.

7-12 Nov. 2013, 13:00-17:00
at La Friche, Salle Seita, Video gallery

For the anniversary event of video art since 1963, documentary video about Japanese vieoart's pioneers was shown in Les Instant Video in Marseille, France, the cultural capital city of Europe 2013.

Screening and performance, 104-centrequatre, Paris France

[related artist info]
video performance and screening at 104-Le CENTQUATRE , Paris France

(details should be updated soon!)
Thu. 14 November at Jeune Creation 2013, 104 Paris

access: 104-Le CENTQUATRE
5 rue Curial, Paris 19th, France

16:30- video art screening "info-melting pot/ Tokyo-Paris Correspondence"
featuring artists: Kanako FUJII, Katsuyuki Hattori, Ryota HAMAZAKI, Sung Nam HAN, Shuhei NISHIYAMA, Naoya OOE, Kentaro TAKI.

18:00- "Video Feedback Performance" by Masayuki Kawai

Detail information:screening program and live performance is here--click!

jeuneC.jpg jeuneB.jpg
jeunekawai1.jpg jeunekawai2.jpg

50th Aniversary Video Art in Marseille

[related artist info]
Video artists from VCTokyo, take part in Les Instant Video"2013, at LeFriche, Marseiile, France.

artist and researcher
Masayuki Kawai; video feedback demonstration /talk
Kentaro Taki installation and workshop
Kentaro Taki "kikaidemirukoto -the Pioneer of Japanese Video Arts-"screening

Hirofumi Sakamoto ; lecture
(with Michel Goldberg and festival director, Marc Mercier)

supported by Japan Foundation



"Kikaidemirukoto" on Blu-ray


-the Pioneers of Japanese Videoarts-

VCT/VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo presents a documentary
video with oral history and video pieces of early video
artists in Japan. Now it's released on Blu-ray!

Appearing Artist:Shuya ABE, Kohei ANDO, Michael GOLDBERG, Sakumi HAGIWARA, Mako IDEMITSTU, Takahiko IIMURA, Nobuhiro KAWANAKA, Hakudo KOBAYASHI, Shigeko KUBOTA, Toshio MATSUMOTO,
Keigo YAMAMOTO, Morihiro WADA

Director: Kentaro TAKI
Presented by VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo

82min Bonus interviews 70 min
Subtitle language:
Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English, German, French
price 3990yen,  Publisher: REF, Distributor: Gendaikikakushitsu, Product code ISBN978-4-7738-8034-2

You can order this here, or try to visit AMAZON


*contains 30 artists,researchers and related people
*more than 38 digests of video art pieces
*additonal interview, 75min!
*artist map in English on the lieflet


Film Independents 1964:DVD released!

Film Independents 1964, DVD released!
(VCT co-worked with Taka iimura on this DVD.)

It's an origin of Japanese avant-garde cinema!

This is very first the earliest Japanese pop art film collection since Bruce Conner's "A MOVIE"(1958)!

After the discontinuance of "Yomiuri Independent" art exhibition, held by a
newspaper publisher in 1963, Takahiko iimura, Koichiro Ishizaki, Nobuhiko Ohbayashi, Yoichi Takabayashi, Kenji Kanesaka, Jyu-shin Sato and Donard Richie w started an independent film festival to show how non-commercial and non-feature film were  different from the commercial movies.

With only rule, 1 film reel =
 2 min long, it was an open call exhibition not only for film makers but all other kinds of artist, such as Genpei Akasegawa, Sho Kazakura,Yasunao Tone, Sakio Hirata.
Selection of 16 film works was dug out from hidden avant-garde film collection after 50 years! These amazing short film pieces confront the edge of amazing art works of ages.

This DVD also includes Takahiko iimura’s interview, audio-commentary, talk session with Ohbayashi. In addition to “Film Independents Manifest” and published references.
The roots of Japanese Underground Culture in 1960’s is here. Please join us and enjoy this film!

Genpei Akasegawa : HOMOLOGY /  Hiroshi Sakurabayashi : JIKEN (An Incident) /  Yasunao Tone : 2,880K=120"  /  Yoshiyuki Oka: SOUGON (An Important Statement) /  Takahiko iimura : URA TO OMOTE (Inside & Outside) /  Sho Kazakura : MUDAI (Untitled) /  Ryu Koike : TORUMARUKIYO NO KYO-EN (Banquet of Torumarukiyo) /  Toshiaki Suzuki : NAGARERU (Flow) /  Takahiko iimura : MY DOCUMENTARY /  Hideko Nagaoka : SEI-UCHU (Sexual Space) / Ryu Koike : RINNE (Samsara) /  Sakio Hirata : KATORAN -4GYOSHI- NO KENKYU (A Study of Katoran - 4 Lines Poem) /   Nobuhiko Ohbayashi : COMPLEXE -trailer- /  Katsuhiro Tomita : Untitled /  Donald Richie: JINSEI(Life)/  Mary Evans : GOMI (Garbage)

published by Takahiko iimura Film and Video Laboratory + REF
price: 3990yen(tax incl.) distributed by : Gandaikikakushitsu

order from here, please visit Lowave(EU distribution), or visit AMAZON

"Near-Constant Violence:Bar Drama"
by Sung Nan Han

han_bar drama 2_1.jpg

[related artist info]
"Near-Constant Violence:Bar Drama vol.2"

Sung Nan HAN directs dance performance with using video, LED lighting and theater play at Timespot, Tsurumaki, Tokyo.

time: 23 Mon. +29 Sun. 2013 open 17:30, start:18:00 1hr duration,
cast: Ayaka Horii, Taro Kimura, Jun Makime, 、Sung Nan HAN,
operation: Shuhei Nishiyama,
entrance 2000yen with 1 drink

    (need to write: name, number of people, e-mail address, name of event, date)
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    Video direction for Ensemble Nomad

    [related artist info]

    Kentaro Taki will be charged on video direction for Ensemble NOMAD's  concert "Poliphony, overlaping voices" at Tokyo Operacity, recital hall, Hatsudai, Tokyo. He will use double movable video projectors to make images.

    date: 23 Set.(Mon.) 2013 open 16:30, start:17:00
    at Tokyo Operacity, recital hall
    ticket : ask to here

    musician: Dogen Kinowaki(Fl), Hideo Kikuchi(Cl), Chiyomi Noguchi(Vn), Wakako Hanada(Vn), Fumiko Kai(Va), Tomoya Kikuchi (Vc), Yoji Sato(Cb), Satoshi Inagaki(Pf), Noriko Miyamoto(Perc), Norio Sato(Cond)

    Masaki Kanemaru(Jazz Vocal), Reki Shibata,(Vocal), Rei Wada(Rap), Irma osno(Peruvian Singer), Eiko Morikawa(Soprano),Hitoshi Hamada(Jazz Vibraphone)

    video direction Kentaro Taki
    sound operation: Takenori Katagiri / Kunitachi College of Music :Department of Sonology Department
    equipment supported by  toshiba lighting & technology corp, TOSHIBA LIGHTING & TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING CORPORATION