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VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo's Achievements (selected)

[Distribution of Video Art work]
Sep. 06 “Documentary and Videoart feat. VCTokyo” Yamagata in Tokyo at Athene Francais
Mar. 06 “INTERSECTION” Belfast , Ireland
Nov. 04 "Sight Eizo-ten 2004" at Ginza Somido Hall, Tokyo
Oct. 04 "Avicon 2004 VCT in Bandung" Selasar Sunaryo, Bandung, Indonesia
Sep. 04 "Seni" at Singapore Art Museum(Singapore)
Jul. 04 "D'Konschtkescht"Luxemburg
Nov. 03 "City-Video-Object" at Maison de Creteil(France)

[Videoart Library]
Visitor can watch video works from collection of videoarts, and refer information of overseas festival, catalogues, and books. (Amount of the video collection are domestic 100 works and 50 works from abroad as now)

[Videoart Showing,"VIDEOART CHANNEL"]
"VIDEOART CHANNEL" is a seasonal video art showing as selection from collection, and as introduction of foreign artists.
Nov. 04 vol. 30 (Pola Museum Annex)African Videoart / southern africa
Aug. 04 vol. 29(Pola Museum Annex) Hongkong/Seoul/Tokyo videoart -Landscape of imaginal city-
May. 04 vol. 28(Pola Museum Annex) Brazilian Videoart "Hot wind from Brazil"
Feb. 04 vol. 27(Pola Museum Annex) German/French Videoart "Post-post-tradition"
May.03 vol.26(Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT)"Videoart from Brazil/ Erika Fraenkel"
Apr.03 vol.25(Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT)"Videoart from Brazil/Carlo Sansolo"
Mar.03 vol.24(Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT)"Videoart from Oversea"
Feb.03 vol.23(Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT)"Focus on Katzuyuki Hattori"
Jan.03 vol.22(Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT)"Focus on Kazumi Kanemaki "
Oct.02 vol.20(Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT)"2 artists from U.S.A/ Italy" Nov.02 vol.21(Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT)"Videoart from France"
Sep.02 vol.19(Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT)"Asian Videoart Special"
Aug.02 vol.18(Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT)"New Works for Library"
Jul.02 vol.17(Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT)"Documentation from Video Artist Workshop"
Jun.02 vol.16(Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT)"Focus on Urlich Fischer"
May.02 vol.15(Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT)"Focus on Masayuki Kawai"

Jul. 03 Video Workshop in Jakarta Videoart Festival (Jakarta, Indonesia/ Ruangrupa)
Feb.02 Video Artist Workshop vol.6 (Tokyo/ Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT) Apr.03 Pre-workshop (Tokyo/ Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT)
Aug.01 Video Artist Workshop vol.5, (Kobe/ Kobe Art Village Center, Tokyo/ Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT) Dec.00 Video Artist Workshop vol.4 (Tokyo/ Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT)
Jul.- Aug.00 Video Artist Workshop vol.3(Kyoto/ Machiya-Club, Kobe/ Kobe Art Village Center, Tokyo/ Gallery X)
May.00 Video Artist Workshop vol.2 (Tokyo/ Gallery X)
Jan.00 Video Artist Workshop vol.1 (Tokyo/ Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT)
Nov.99 Video Artist Workshop vol.0 (Tokyo/ Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT)

[Produce of Exhibition and Video Festival]

Sep. 05 Swiss Video Art “Peripheral Area” Elodie Pong ( Tokyo Wonde Site)
Jan.-Mar. 06 Canadian Videoart “V-lounge”(Tokyo Wonde Site)
Mar.04 TELEPIDEMIC international (Jakarta, Geneva, Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris.)
Dec.03 Asian Videoart Conference (Tokyo, Pola Museum Annex/ Outlounge)
Dec.02 "Maurice Lemaitre Exhibition" (Tokyo, L'Institute Tokyo) Exhibition of Painting, and Screening, Lecture of Artist
Jul.02 "Videoart/Network/Exhibition TELEPIDEMIC!" (Kobe/ Kobe Art Village Center) 7/24(wed)-7/28(sun): Video festival of Europe, Asian countries, U.S.A, Russia, Japan. Screening, Exhibition, Reception were held.
Apr.02 "inVex Intercultural Videoart Festival-Europe"(Tokyo/ Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT) 4/14(sun)-4/21(sun): Video showing of 90 young videoartists from 11 counties of Europe and Japan.

[International Exchange/ Invitation of Foreign Artist]

Oct.04 "RECORDED focus on Jazz session"Ulrich Fischer(Switzerland)
Dec.03 "Asia Videoart Conference" Ade Darmawan(Indonesia), Tan Kaisyng(Singapore), Jamsen Law(Hong Kong), Jeon Hyojeong(Korea)
Dec.02 Maurice Lemaitre Exhibition (Tokyo, L'Institute Tokyo) invited Maurice Lemaitre (France)
Jul.02 Videoart/Network/Exhibition TELEPIDEMIC! (Kobe/Kobe Art Village Center) invited Tara Herbst (Germany) and Marc Plas (France)
Jun.02 VIDEOART CHANNELvol.16 (Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT) invited Urlich Fischer (Switzerland)
Dec.01 Batofar Festival (Paris/ France) Symposium
Nov.01 VIDEOART CHANNELvol.9 (Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT) invited Yves Mettler (Austria)

Aug.01 "Tokyo Video Art vol.1"(writer: Christophe Charles, Takahiko Iimura, Masayuki Kawai, Kumiko Sejima, Arima Tohru, Keigo Yamamoto, and more)
Jul. 02 "TELEPIDEMIC!" Festival Catalogue(writer: Sejima Kumiko, Masayuki Kawai, Kentaro Taki, Tara Helbst, Nikolas Siepen, Kaori Hino, Marc Plas)
Jan.03 "Tokyo Video Art vol.2"(writer: Keiji Aiuchi, Katzuyuki Hattori, Masayuki Kawai, Hiroaki Sato, Ichiro Sueoka, Yutaka Tsuchiya, and more)
Dec.03 "Asia Videoart Conference" (writer: Ade Darmawan, Fringcity)
Oct. 04 "Avicon in Bandung exhibition catalogue" (writer: Agung Hujatnikajennong, Katsuyuki Hattori, Aya Kondo, Masayuki Kawai, Kentaro Taki, Kazumi Kanemaki, Akiko Nakamura, Yu Negoro, Shuhei Nishiyama)

[Consultancy for Educational Programs]
Nov.04 "Asia Europe Foundation Art Camp" (Panasonic Center ) Presentation
Apr.02 "Art & Management Report/ Switzerland-France Image Art's Now" (Tokyo/ Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT)
Jul.02 "Video/ City/ Politic" (Osaka/ Seminaire Bureau) Talk session
Jul.02 "Paddles Video Art Program"(Tokyo/ Gallery Surge) Discussion
Oct.01 "Art & Management Report/ Hong Kong Video Art's Now" (Tokyo/ Art Lab. GOLDENSHIT)
Mar.01 "Videoart Session" (Osaka/ Seminaire Bureau) Lecture
Mar.01 "Personal Vision 2001" (Kobe/ Kobe Art Village Center) Discussion