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"White Calligraphy" Film performance
by Taka iimura in Toronto

image006.jpg Taka iimura performes at the 8 fest in toronto, Canada.

January 31, 2009
at . The 8 Fest , Toronto, Canada
Film performance, "White Calligraphy"

" The actions with a 8mm projector were extended later to include carrying with hands the projector in the theater and projecting on wall, floor, ceiling, and to the audience. This version was most often performed with a film:  White Calligraphy, which scratched Japanese characters on every frame of black (unexposed) film.  The latest version has voice over uttering the character at freeze frame randomly while projecting as I performed at Lux, London, and Collective Jeune Cinema, Paris, both in 2003." (T.I.)