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Kentaro Taki+Shuhei Nishiyama@UPLINK

A4taki_nishiyama_omote.jpg Chopping off videos into pieces, an experiment of the two young video artists from 2000’s,Kentaro Taki and Shuhei Nishiyama’s, will be analyzed as video collage and montage.

VIDEOREFLEXIVE Vol.3  Video : Collage / Montage 

vol.1  Kentaro TAKI  Video Collage/Puzzling
7 Nov.(fri.) 2014 start 19:30(open19:00)- 21:30 
screening and talk session with Kentaro TAKI + Masahiro HIRAMOTO(musician)   

vol.2 Shuhei NISHIYAMA Video Montage/Shredding
14 Nov.(fri.) 2014 start 19:30(open19:00)- 21:30   
screening and talk session with Shuhei NISHIYAMA + Ryo SAWAYAMA(art critic )   

venue: UPLINK 1F Factory(1F totsune build. Udagawacho Shibuya, Tokyo) TEL.03-6825-5503
fee : 1500yen, student1000yen
presented by UPLINK, VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo
supported by Arts Council Tokyo

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vol.1 Artist Profile artist-1107-taki.jpg Kentaro TAKI Born in 1973. In 1996 Completion, Master degree of fine arts of ‘Master course of Department of Imaging Arts and Sciences Musashino Art University. As dispatched artist granted by Cultural Agency of Japan(2002), POLA Art Foundation (2003) in Karlsruhe. Germany. Won "Graz BIX Media Competition" Grand Prix + Peter Cook Prize double winner(2005, Graz, Austria), Bochum Video Festival Organizer Prize(2005, Bochum, Germany).
Exhibition and screening in "Aviso Especial" installation (2009, Centro Multi Media, Mexicocity), "Nippon Connection"(2009, mousontrum, Frankfurt Germany),"Asian Art Biennial 2009 Viewpoints and Viewing Points"(2009,Taiwan National Art Museum), MJVAX:Malaysia-Japan Video Art Exhibition(2010, National Art Gallery Malaysia), "VIDEO LIFE"(2011, two men show with Ko NAKAJIMA, st.Paulst Gallery at AUT, Auckland, New Zealand)etc.

vol.2 Artist Profile artist-1114-nishiyama.jpg Shuhei NISHIYAMA
Born in 1976, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Majored art criticism at Ritsumeikan University. Influenced from avangarde cinema and videoart and started to make video works from 1998. Works are made as not only media for representation but also tools and words tools for thought. Making single channel video, installation, performance works. Stayed in Australia from 2007 to 2008 and had an indivisual exhibition in Sydeney. Living and making works in Tokyo from 2009. The Works has been shown for many film festivals in France, Germany, America, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea.

tenji-new.jpg [related event]
Gallery exhibition Kentaro TAKI+Shuhei NISHIAYAMA
UPLINK1F Gallery
5 (wed.)-24 (mon.) November 2014 open10:00-22:00 entrance free

guest-1107_Masahiro_Hiramoto.JPG平本正宏 Masahiro HIRAMOTO
作曲家。音楽レーベルTekna TOKYO主宰。東京藝術大学大学院音楽研究科修了。2006年より写真家 篠山紀信のdigi+KISHINや展覧会の音楽 を担当。2013年映画「さよなら渓谷」の音楽を担当、第35回モスクワ映画祭にて審査員特別賞を受賞する。振付家金森穣、デザイナー奥村靫正、建築家鳴川肇など、様々な分野の精鋭とコラボレーションを行う他、国内外のダンスカンパニーの音楽を担当する。 2014年アルバム「OPERA ONE」「CHAMBER MUSICONE」を2枚同時リリース。

guest-1114-sawayama2.jpg沢山 遼 Ryo SAWAYAMA
1982年生まれ。武蔵野美術大学大学院造形研究科修了。美術批評。 主な論考に「描画/演奏―石田尚志論」(『組立―転回』2014年、組立)、「限界経験と絵画 の拘束―香月泰男のシベリア」(『前夜/前線―Critical Archive vol.2』2014年、ユミコ チバアソシエイツ)など。

vol.1  Kentaro TAKI Video Collage/Puzzling
7 Nov.(fri) 2014 19:30-21:30

taki-001.jpgthe Stolen Air  (1998, 5min.)
TV images are appearing and disappearing one after another. ”Stealing those seemingly unrelated=sampling”,“images=music", and "played = collaged".

taki-002waronTV.jpgWar on TV (1999, 5min.)
War-images are persistently distributed through mass media.Seeking in to what is found in the images of these reconstruction and acceleration. There is a resemblance between war and peace. War for information/ information of the war.

taki-03.JPGRadio Lantern(2000, 5min)
this is a performance with using radio and video camera. Performer operates a radio with turning knob of it. The sounds come from speaker, and performer plays music with shaking and shutting out this speaker. Audiences can't listen to the music as original itself.

taki-004exchangeablecity.jpgExchangeable Cities (2002, 8min.)
To represent and recompose the fake city assembled with many elements of the world. The spectacularization of the city has same meaning with the overflowing of the images.

taki-005prologue01.jpgPrologue(2004, 8min.) An experiment of video/media. Interpreting the media society and globalizing world, and capturing the modern city image as disguise. The first chapter from 32minutes video work "Fort of the Fabrications".

taki-006.jpg Living in the Box -dimension (2010-13, 10min.)
Body parts are displayed as specimens in white boxes. Those body parts, moving slightly as they are searching for something with in each isolated box, recalls the physical and psychological blockages in modern life.
taki-007.jpg Tangram(2011, 3min.11sec.)
The videos from everyday life becomes pieces of the puzzles. As turning and combining these pieces together, artist forms the time he lived and perceived. Shot before and after theearthquake on 3.11.

taki-008hymne-xochippili.mov_1.jpgHymne AXochipilli/du Japon (2013, 2min.50sec.)
A sonic poetry reading. The performer’s voice echoes into the theater against innumerable information/images flooded in an urban space in Tokyo. Homage to Maurice Lemaitre, artist/filmmaker of Lettrisme.

videosynphonia1.jpgVideo Symphonia (2014, 3min)
A symphony played by the bustle of urban space and video noise. The latest piece of Kentaro Taki.

vol.2 西山修平 Shuhei NISHIYAMA
Video Montage/Shredding

14 Nov.(fri) 2014 19:30-21:30
nishiyama001.jpgbetween the images( 2002, 10min.)
Using the clips from everyday life, this work unravels the elements of video, which are imagery , sound, and the text. Audiences are tested to see what they view between those fragments.

nishiyama-002.jpg SHOT from Video of Maldoror SHOT (2007, 10min.47sec.)
One of the chapter of the critical study piece of audio and the video, "Video or Maldoror". Including the imagery of microphone being dragged on the floor, the distraction of the camera lens, and the footage of N.Y. city during the 9.11.

nishiyama-003thefigureinthefuture.jpg the figure in the future (2009, 11min.)
Produced in Sydney, Australia, this work seeks for the relationship between our “future” and the moving imagery. With the power of video to record, this work attempts to express the “future” as replacing the time.
nishiyama-004.JPG FREE DVD FOR FREE (2012, 6min.) Produced in Sydney, Australia, this work seeks for the relationship between our “future” and the moving imagery. With the power of video to record, this work attempts to express the “future” as replacing the time.

nishiyama-005.jpg timeless video: 1 / 100*100 (2013, 9min.)
This project starts with distributing the artist’s DVD to people on the street. People can bring back the work to their own private house to view it. It’s a study of what free art DVD indicates in this present society full of internet movies.

nishiyama-006-twinkling_eye_photo.jpg in the twinkling of an eye (2013, 6min.)
Here, Video will be chopped off and re-presented.All the fragments of the moment of the video and audio are perceived at the same period of the time. Through the logical perception of the video, present the limitations of human perception and its possibilities to expand.

nishiyama-007.jpg scission ¦ overlays (2014, 10min.)
In this work, an artist splits the video and audio, stagger the playing time, watching and hearing all the moment and pieces at the same period of time. A moment becomes eternal, and the eternal becomes instant. And soon, we start to lose the boundaries between the “single” and “multiple”.

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