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videoart compilation DVD
"Vidiot in Contemplation"

For info-holic you, a specific remedy of videoart!!
VCTokyo videoart compilation DVD "Vidiot in Contemplation"
"life IMAGED" Kazumi Kanemaki
"Living in the Box" Kentaro Taki+Naoya Ooe
"AI" Sung Nam HAN
"SHOT" Shuhei Nishiyama
"Pathologic Video Practices"Naoya Ooe
"The Lost in the Backyard of Surface" Naoya Ooe

"Abarekoinobori"GOLDENSHIT[Katsuyuki HATTORI+Yusuke SHINMURA]
"Bild:Muell"Kentaro Taki

Issued 1st July 2007, price:3990yen( total 68min, DVD-video, NTSC, Stereo,
Enlgish+Korean subtitle


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title:"KIKAIDE MIRUKOTO -the Pioneers of Japanese Videoarts-" Blu-ray, 3990yen(
title"JAPANESE VIDEO ART 2011  The Mode of Visual Philosophy vol. 01"DVD,  2940yen(
title"Kami e no michi/ La voie des dieux" by Maurice Lemaitre DVD, 2940yen(
title"Le film est déjà commencé?" by Maurice Lemaitre DVD, 2940yen(  x
title:"L’Empire des Signifiants"  DVD,   3990 yen( x    
title:"Vidiot in Contemplation" DVD,    3990 yen( x    

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