Call for Artists: Trampoline Platform, Nottingham,U.K.


Call for Artists: Trampoline Platform Event "Territorial Play"

Part of the Tracing Mobility Programme


Deadline for Submissions: Monday 12th April 2010


Trampoline is inviting submissions for a platform event, Territorial Play, scheduled to take place mid May as part of Radiator Festival's forthcoming Tracing Mobility programme launching in Nottingham.

Territorial Play aims to illustrate, annotate and animate discourse around current trends towards a 'mobilised city'. With the emergence of location aware mobile devices and near ubiquitous access to electronic networks in urban and rural areas, a new city is forming beneath our feet.


This dynamic 'hybrid-city', is a city in flux, where ideas of authorship and ownership are left at the door. What are the cultural implications of this emergent public domain and what possibilities do the architecture and protocol of networked space present to affect change in real space?


We are inviting artists, performers, visualists, filmmakers, designers, game-players, writers and others to stake claims, occupy space, command territory, re-imagine the public domain, uncover hidden terrain and return to our day jobs the next day leaving no trace.


The event will take place over one day, using Nottingham's Broadway Cinema and Digital Media Centre as the base of operations however we welcome submissions that engage with the public and spaces in and around the city.


Submissions should include:


**Images/documentation/video (DVD/CD/VHS in standard format) OR URL to online documentation.

**A4 Proposal/Description of work


**A completed submission form


Download a submission form here