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Round Table 50years of Videoart(1963-2013)

lesinstantvideo201302.jpgRound Table 50years of Videoart(1963-2013)

19 Tue. Feb. 2013

at Institut français du Japon – Tokyo,
Espace Images

Hirofumi Sakamoto (Japan/videoart historian), Kentaro Taki (Japan, artist/Videoart Center Tokyo), Ko Nakajima (Japan/artist),  Mickael Goldberg (Canada/Japon/artist) and Marc Mercier (France/artistic director, les Instant Video)

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also during the exhibition "digital shock!", special program of French video art will be held.
20 Feb 19:00- at French Institute  "LOOK ELSEWHERE ON JAPAN"

21 Feb 19:00- at apple store "videoart from south France"


Masayuki Kawai with Ryota Hamasaki "Video Feedback Live Performance"

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Masayuki Kawai with Ryota Hamasaki "Video Feedback Live Performance"

This live performance does not use any computer, any prepared image, or any instrument. Its images and sounds cannot be realized by film and digital image by computer, but only by analog video. Through this live performance audience will directly experience the aesthetic of video different from that of film and digital image.

27 Feb.(Wed.)2013
19:30open 20:00 start
at Tokyo Wondersite Hongo
TEL: 03-5689-5331

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