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An avant garde Art & Image Festival

HORS PISTES | TOKYO | An avant garde Art & Image Festival
Hors Pistes [Off Tracks]is an art and images Festival promoting experimentation of new forms of short and mid-length fictions, organized by the Centre Pompidou since 2006.

Another Motion of Images | Art and Images Festival
June 4th – 12th 2011

web site:http://horspistestokyo.com/ja

Early Japanese Videoart
"Kikai de Mirukoto" To See through the Machine

VCTokyo presents a documentary video "Kikai de Mirukoto - the pioneers of Japanese videoarts", with oral history and exact video pieces of early video artists in Japan.

We plan to show this documentary in film festival in public this year. You can get more information in this site or join to our mail news.

HDV,  65min, 2011
director: Kentaro TAKI, camera:Naoya OOE
presented by VCT/VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo

subsidied by
JEC Fund Project(2011)

KDDI Foundation (2007)

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