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The Past and the Future of Videoart: Screening and Talk

optitle.jpgIn the ASK film festival at Kyobashi, "Kikei de Mirukoto -the Pioneers of Japanese Videoar-" (2011, dir:Kentaro TAKI, prst by VCTokyo, 80min HDV) will be screened. As program F of the festival, and in the second day, a videoart critic, Tomohiro NISHIMURA and director Kentaro TAKI will have a talk about "The past and the future of Videoart".

program F is shown as

1 Aug. (wed.) 13:00- screening only
2 Aug. (thu.) 17:00- screening and talk event (18:30- Tomohiro Nishimura x Kentaro Taki on "the Past and the Future of Videoart")
4 Aug. (sat.) screening only
access to ASK?ArtSpaceKimura is here
Film Festival official site is here

"Kikai de Mirukoto  -the Pioneers of Japanese Videoart-" official web site

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