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Ko Nakajima interview in Okinawa

28 July 2008
Ko Nakajima is an animation/ video/ installation artist who was also pioneer of japanese media art. VCTokyo had an interview with him in Nago, Okinawa, during his workshop with local art students.

cooperated byNago Shoko-kai
interviewer: Kentaro TAKI camera: Naoya OOE 


Visited Toshio Matsumoto's lab

3 Jul. 2008doc087matsumoto-thumb-250x169.jpg VCT had an interview with Toshio Matsumoto who has many visual arts career as documentary, feature film, experimental film, videoart, installation...etc. interviewer: Kentaro Taki, videocamera:Naoya Ooe, cooperation: Nihon University Callege of Art

VCT Documentary Project

Focus on pioneers of videoart

Interview with pioneers of Japanese video artists since 1960’s golden age of videoart and archiving their video pieces.

produced by VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo

supported by ICF(2007)