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Open call from Indonesia, O.K. Video

okvideo2015.jpgORDE BARU OK. Video – Indonesia Media Arts Festival 2015 invites creators from all over the world to send in their artwork as well as art projects with various approaches of artistic presentation: time-based (video, film, and performance); installations, single channel or multi-channel; sound art; digital imaging; online art / 2013 – 2015 production / Deadline 30 April 2015 / Registration is free!

submit your work!

Call for entries! – Hors Pistes Tokyo 2015

2015 is the year of 10th anniversary of Hors Pistes, and 5th of Hors Pistes Tokyo!  The situation of moving image has been changing rapidly. To seek further new forms and styles of filmic expression, Hors Pistes Tokyo will challenge to expand the existing framework of screenings/projections.  We are pleased to announce OPEN CALL of upcoming festival Hors Pistes Tokyo 2015, which will be held in Tokyo in June.  We look forward to receiving your flexible and expandable works.    

Deadline  -31th March  2015

details are on Hors Pistes Tokyo official website