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2 Avant-Garde films on DVD release!

2 Avant-Garde film is released from REF compiled by VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo. Maurice Lemaitre is a main artist of Letterism, which influenced graphic, design , poetry reading, performance, paintings and experimentqal flm.


Linkage between Surrealism and Godard was here! This is the Avant-Garde film from Parsi, 1951.

"Le film est déjà commencé?" by Maurice Lemaitre
1951, France, 65min, English/Japanese subtitle (DVD/NTSC)

Master of Master, Maurice Lemaitre, his message of his spirits beyonds the Centuries!

"Kami e no michi/ La voie des dieux" by Maurice Lemaitre
2002, France, 55min, (DVD/NTSC)

Maurice Lemaitre
artist. born 1926, Paris. After activities in resistance during WWII, studied at faculty of philosophy in Sorbonne univ. He met Isidor Isou in 1950, participated to Lettrism. He created and worked on the fields of poem, roman, theater piece, painting, photo, film, dance piece, and also economics, philosophy. His original methods in film influenced various film expressions and the followers as nouvel verg or American underground films. 

issued in Jan 2012. price 2940yen(tax incl.)
"how to buy" is here. or also on AMAZON.

  ©Maurice Lemaitre

Back to Early days of Mediaart, Japan

20120226kawasakitalk copy.pngDocumentary video screening about the Early Japanese Videoart
"Kikai de Mirukoto -Eye Machine/Seeing by chance-"

date: 26 Feb.(Sun. ) 2012  (open:12:15)
screening 12:30-13:45 
guest talk 14:00-15:00
screening 15:30-16:45
venue: Eizo hall(1F theater) at Kawasaki City Museum

screening: "Kikai de Mirukoto -Eye Machine/Seeing by chance-"
(HDV/2011/80min) japanese only
director: Kentaro TAKI

talk event with Toshio Matsumoto(artist), Hirofumi Sakamoto(mediaart history), Kentaro TAKI(director of documentary) and Koji Hamasaki(curator)

entrance fee 600yen / student500yen

presented by VCT/VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo
co-presented by Kawaguchi Art School of Waseda University
supported by The Japan World Exposition 1970 Commemorative Fund

summary of "kikaide mirukoto"
"kikaide mirukoto "official site