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Call for 1 minute video:Zushi Film Festival 2011

Zushi Film Festival 2011 calls for 1minute video based on theme "Visual Time Capsule".The applied video pieces will be compiled to one long film and be showed in Zushi Film Festival, Kanagawa pref. , Japan, 10, 11 Dec. 2011.

You can put any 1 minute video


1. Shoot 1 minute video based on theme "Visual Time Capsule"

2. No need to edit, no specific sound track, no credit on it, but just should be in 1 minute.

3. If you are Facebook user, just visit our information site, and link your video on the wall. (with any comments, it’s nice!)

If you're not Facebook user, you can put your video on Youtube and let us know it's link URL, please.

4. Please tell us your name, living place, e-mail addres to us by e-mail.

e-mail to :


what kind of 1 minute video? You can also check contributions of the other participants on our information site.


Deal line 26. Nov. 2011


Thank you for your cooperation!