V-LOUNGE Opening Series
"Canadian Videoart Channel vol.1-vol.3"
at: Tokyo Wonder Site SHIBUYA
fee: 800yen (with 1 drink)
lounge open: 19:00-
Contact :channel@vctokyo.org
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V-LOUNGE vol.3 (Mar.24)
The Hidden Episode of Landing in Canada!

Sometimes we make it, sometimes we use it,
and a lot of times, we hang out for it

Contemporary Canadian video collection

In response to the invitation to participate in the video award/exhibition organized by the +gallery in Nagoya, Japan last summer, I compiled a collection of video projects for the Canadian component of the exhibition. With few exceptions, I selected the projects of artists whose general practice I am familiar with and attracted to, rather than respective video pieces. I see that some of these artists are exclusively “video makers”, while others approach the medium more as “video users” in order to best compliment their
various other practices. Many of these artists seem to incorporate art into life or life into art in order to live better, and by choice or not by choice, adopt a do-it-yourself strategy. Furthermore, none of these artists are currently related to the commercial sector, and yet, they, as professional artists, seem to deal with the notions and conditions of “success” or “living as an artist” in professional terms. My curatorial premise also vaguely aspires to convey certain artistic approaches and attitudes towards artmaking as seen in Canadian contemporary art practice, which may reflect some influence of its social and artistic environment and the systems specific to that country. Having been supported by them over a decade, I feel that I am long due to start introducing these lesser-known aspects of Canadian art to Japan and generate a forum of exchange between the two countries.

Shinobu Akimoto

The Artist and the Plumber (1999)
Jean-Paul Kelly
3 minutes, colour, sound, with subtitles

Sandy Plotnikoff
2.5 minutes, colour, sound

White Pumpkin (2003/2005)
Sandy Plotnikoff
7 minutes, colour, sound
Do-It-Yourself Walls Instruction Video from the IKEA Living Project Series (2002)
Shinobu Akimoto

9 minutes, colour, sound, with subtitles
Being Fucked Up (2002)
Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby
10 minutes, colour, sound, with subtitles

We will also introduce following video works in one day as video gallery exhibition in which you can observe before and after the lounge.
the gallery opens on Mar 24th at 18pm-21:30pm.
G.G. Mobius (2002)
Matthew Evans
5 minutes loop, black and white, sound
Selected works from G.L.N. Spaceship Earth (2004 - 2005)
G. L. N. (Maura Doyle & Tony Romano)
18 minute loop in total, colour, sound
Selected Mr. Nobody Projects (1998-2005)
Tanya Read
5 black and white super 8 animations; live action video, black and white, sound 15 minutes loop in total

About the works and the artists
Originally from Japan, Shinobu Akimoto has been practicing “life and art” in Canada since early 90's. Do-It-Yourself Walls instruction video is from her IKEA Living Project Series, atypical multi-media project to explore her interest in artmaking as “lifestyle” in the absence of so-called artistic traits and subject matter. She now divides her time between Toronto and Japan and is currently on the board of Mercer Union in Toronto. More information on her practice can be found on http://www.h6.dion.ne.jp/~shinoart
Cooper Battersby and Emily Vey Duke have been working collaboratively since June 1994 and are now based in Halifax, Canada. They work in printed matter, installation, curation and sound, but their primary practice is the production of single-channel video. Being Fucked Up, a 10 minute episodic video incorporating songs, simple animation, found footage, and performance portray simultaneously troubling and deeply touching thoughts that go on in the artists’ mind and daily life. It has been shown at galleries and in festivals in North and South America and throughout Europe and has received a number of awards. http://www.dukeandbattersby.com
Currently residing in Japan, Matthew Evans is a Canadian artist who mainly works in the medium of video and video installation. G.G. Mobius appropriates film footage from a documentary on Canadian Pianist Glenn Gould, in an investigation of the relationship between the moving image and our expectations of its ability to both anticipate and recollect experience. It received the Milla and Partner Award for Media In Spaces at the 16th Sttutgarter Film Winter in Germany in 2003. URL http://www.thepopmodule.com
G.L.N. is a collaboration between interdisciplinary artists Maura Doyle and Tony Romano. As Gary Lee Nova they have provided dramatic soundtracks for paintings, natural landscapes, and live audiences. Their new DVD album G.L.N. Spaceship Earth documents live musical improvisations with the ambient sounds of locations shot in Toronto and rural Ontario. The album was released in conjunction with The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, and was exhibited as part of the Gallery's recent exhibition Dedicated to you, but you weren't listening. More information on Maura Doyle's practice can be found at http://www.themoneycollection.ca
Jean-Paul Kelly is a recent graduate from the Masters Program in Visual Studies at the University of Toronto, whose practice focuses on the production of single channel video. He often uses himself as subject matter in his work, examining his relationship to the medium of video. The Artist and the Plumber elaborates on his interest in often personal storytelling, specifically told by video.
Sandy Plotnikoff is a multi-disciplinary artist who lives and works in Toronto. His video Hoodies and White Pumpkin best reflect his interests common throughout his other projects and practices, with sometimes obvious and other times subtle attention to association among things in the world. http://www.laundry-line.net
A multi-disciplinary artist Tanya Read graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1995 and remains active in the Toronto art community. In 1998 Tanya created Mr. Nobody, a Chaplinesque cartoon figure featured in films, sculpture, drawing and video, a character she continues to work with. In 1999, she and Scott Carruthers opened Fly Gallery, a storefront window used as an alternative exhibition space for artists. More information on her, Mr. Nobody, and Fly gallery can be found on http://www.mrnobody.org


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